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Recommendations to Nannies

We expect our nannies to be utterly respectful of the households they are put forward to.

Many sought-after nannies are well educated, properly qualified and experienced. They often hold an up-to-date first-aid certificate, have an enhanced CRB check and a driving license.

On top of the above, by taking out Public Liability Insurance and having a first-aid certificate, nannies will demonstrate potential parents-employers that they do act as childcare professionals placing high value on the children they care for.


Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers nannies when they come to work at employers' premises (injury, damage, legal fees etc.).

It is crucial that nannies are correctly protected by their insurance covers. By this, we strongly advise all nannies to take out Public Liability Insurance covering them when they have children in their care, whilst in the parents' home, on trips to shops, or to the park etc.

This insurance cover can be put in place by paying a small annual fee to a reputable insurance company. Most employers are happy to pay or contribute towards this premium on behalf of their nannies. We strongly advise nannies to check with their insurance advisors to get this insurance cover, which is different from Employers' Public Liability Insurance that employers must take out by law (the latter is indeed compulsory for employers).

Please, click here for further nanny insurance information,


First-Aid Certificate

We insist that nannies hold first-aid and/or paediatric certificates. There are locally-run courses by:



The CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) is a Home Office executive agency that provides access to criminal records held by the police. Therefore, all professional nannies should have an enhanced CRB check as they work with vulnerable people such as children.  In order to find out more, please visit


Driving Licence/Motor Insurance

Lots of nannies are required to do school runs. So, confident nanny-drivers are in great demand in London even though some families do not require nannies to drive or/and would provide chauffeurs. If your employer gives you access to their cars, please ensure that you are correctly insured for business use. Please, check with your insurance companies and with your employers' insurance companies.


MNT Training: additional training for Nannies & Maternity Nurses

For further information regarding training for Nannies & Maternity Nurses, please visit:


Eligibility to work in the UK

To register with us, please bear in mind that each nanny or P.A./applicant will systematically need to produce documented evidence of their eligibility to work in the UK. This is a legal requirement.

In order to find out more regarding your legal status and as we are unable to assist you with work permits and visas, we invite you to visit and contact the Home Office: