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Tips for Clients & Nannies     

The Employer-Nanny relationship is based on mutual respect in exchange for providing a professional childcare service. Providing your nanny with a fulfilling position will have a ripple effect on your household.

At Educated Nannies, we strive for happy nannies, working with happy children in a happy family environment. For the sake of a long-term and harmonious placement, needless to say that outstanding nannies, who are valuable assets within your household, are used to being respectfully dealt with by discerning employers. 

At times, you may have issues bothering you in this two-way relationship. But, what can appear as difficulties and misunderstandings in the employer-nanny partnership may easily be resolved by discussing the matter in question with your nanny in a constructive way. Talking things through is a powerful tool for both parties and the only way forward.

Alongside their dedication to their work, nannies also have their own private lives, commitments and aspirations. It is common practice and only fair to pay your nannies on time.