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Our Nannies' Duties



Nannies undertake the general care of your children, under your parental guidance.

At Educated Nannies, our high-calibre nannies are educated, qualified and/or experienced professionals, who are employed by your family and can be trusted with sole or shared charge of your children.

Ideally, nannies should be able to commit for a minimum of one year, bearing in mind that most families are keen on renewing their trust with their nannies when it is agreeable to both parties, as this nanny-parents partnership will provide a stable environment in the child' best interest.

Nannies' primary duties revolve around every aspect of your children's care. Among other duties, nannies usually can:

  • ensure children's well-being & safety
  • perform school runs
  • accompany children for doctor's or dentist's appointments
  • provide emotional support
  • stimulate creative needs
  • develop intellectual needs
  • provide educational support
  • promote linguistic & cultural awareness when necessary
  • promote social interaction with your children's peers through social activities and supervised outings
  • provide healthy and well-balanced meals
  • tidy children's bedrooms & playrooms
  • be watchful of routine as to sleeping patterns, bedtime & bathtime
  • be in charge of children's laundry, etc.

To ensure the smooth running of your household and excellent communication with your nanny, who most of the time is considered as an asset within your family, it is paramount to favour clear channels of communication.

Even though the law requires employers of nannies to provide a contract within eight weeks of employment, we can only stress the importance of considering or/and providing your nanny with a contract of employment before your nanny actually comes to work for you, specifying the nanny's duties and highlighting child discipline issues.

Indeed, employers of nannies may lead an extremely hectic lifestyle and may require additional duties. Then, it is very important to get a clear picture of what you expect from your nannies before they start working for you. Prior to hiring your nanny and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, - for nanny and employer alike -, all duties and specific issues should be discussed beforehand, at interview level and clearly set out in the contract of employment that you will draw up between your nanny and yourself, for the satisfaction of both parties.

Should you need help with putting a contract of employment in place, please contact our Consultants who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Hours of work for Live-in Nannies

Live-in nannies work 10 to 12 hours per day or fewer hours depending on your family's needs, from Monday to Friday. As they live in your home, they may be flexible and be asked to baby-sit 2 evenings a week for extra money, normally between Monday to Thursday, by prior arrangement.

Hours of work for Live-out Nannies

Live-out nannies work 8 to 10 hours per day or fewer hours, from Monday to Friday. Live-out nannies are not normally asked to baby-sit on top of their working hours, so you might have to resort to a babysitter, an evening or a weekend nanny. However, some live-out nannies may welcome the opportunity to baby-sit for some extra money.

Nannies' working week pattern

Nannies usually work 5 days per week. At times, very high-calibre nannies working for exclusive households may be asked to work 6 days per week and/or may be required to travel with the family. In any case, should the nanny work overtime, hours and conditions must be agreed on in advance by both parties, and pecuniary compensation must be offered to the nanny or time-off in lieu.