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  Educated Tutors.  " Placing the finest Tutors in the most Exclusive Households in London"

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Our Commitment - A team of dedicated Bilingual Tutor Consultants & Linguists offering a bespoke service to Exclusive Families, matching your tutoring needs with the brightest Educated Tutors in London.  



Our Promise - No registration fee, No agency commission charged on lessons: just a "one-off fee" payable by families!  


Welcome to Educated Tutors in London!






Sophie is the Founder and Director of Educated Tutors. She is a private French teacher in London with a very international and VIP clientele.

Educated Tutors is a London-based tutor agency, providing high-calibre home tuition, within exclusive households in central London:

  • Kensington
  • Chelsea
  • Belgravia
  • Knightsbridge
  • South Kensington
  • Notting Hill
  • Mayfair
  • Fulham
  • St. John's Wood
  • Primrose Hill
  • Hampstead
  • Highgate.

    We also cover greater London.

    Clients and mostly discerning parents who grew up internationally put a heavy emphasis on the highest standards education when it comes to seeking out a home tutor. At Educated Tutors, we have a clear understanding and unique vision of these specific tutoring needs pursued by our multilingual and high-flying clients. The corollary to that is that our team of tutors and teachers are perfectly aware that our clientele expects results.


    Saving money

    You will be delighted to find out that, unlike most tutor agencies, Educated Tutors does not charge any commissions on lessons. For more information regarding our fee structure, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money,  please visit our "Fees" section. 


    What we offer 


    We work with patient, smart and inspirational tutors who are endowed with pedagogical skills and who can develop the tutee's potential to its fullest, in the comfort of your home.

    We personally interview each teacher and tutor on a face-to-face basis. They are all subject to an Enhanced CRB check (police check from the Criminal Bureau Record).

    As excellence matters at Educated Tutors and as we are committed to providing the best tutoring solution, we are specialised in the placement of educated, qualified, experienced and talented educators. We endeavour to find only the finest candidates who have a genuine interest in your child's intellectual development and who can offer "la crème de la crème" of their abilities to your child's education.

    Educated Tutors select the finest teachers & tutors, educated to a degree level, who can demonstrate excellence in the very subject they are experts in.

    Educated Tutors offers a vast range of academic subjects, whereby all levels are taught, from very beginners to the most advanced students.

    All tutors come to us with superb proven credentials and polished experience.

    Our Educated Tutors are all the more well aware of the niceties and intricacies of the very subject they are specialized in as they have qualified from the most prestigious establishments, business schools and top-notch universities:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Université de la Sorbonne
  • Université de Paris-Dauphine
  • Sciences-Po
  • LSE (London School of Economics), etc.


    Declining academic results & lack of confidence... Educated Tutors provides "The Solution"

    One of the common reasons as to a child or older student's dislike of an academic subject is lack of confidence.

    When you think that you have reached the point of no return in the dislike of a subject through declining academic results, our inspirational Educated Tutors work wonders at creating a positive environment allowing you regain confidence in enjoying learning and faith in success.






    Confidence restored

    Our specialist Educated Tutors are passionate about their teaching. Due to our tutors' very strong academic backgrounds, they can confidently pass their knowledge and expertise on their students.

    The uniqueness of one-to-one home tutoring offers our Educated Tutors the ideal format, - away from the bustle of the classroom -, to focus on each student's individual needs allowing the latter to back on track, to thrive, and get outstanding & lasting exams results, provided that realistic targets are set from the onset within an achievable time schedule.










    Educated Tutors cater for clients & students requiring guaranteed success as to their exams or who want to learn in a relaxed atmosphere through well-structured and thought-out lessons. Feel free to email us or call us today to discuss your tutoring requirements!   

  • Email: educatedtutors@yahoo.co.uk

  • 020 3091 7173 or 07890 554 759  

  • www.educated-tutors.co.uk


    Sophie is the founder of Educated Tutors. She also runs a high-end nanny agency in central London, Educated Nannies, www.educated-nannies.co.uk. Educated Nannies places full-time high-calibre nannies & maternity nurses, teachers & governesses with a strong educational background, within exclusive households in London & Overseas.