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Tel.: 07890 554 759 or 0203 091 7173

   Registration For Families 


Dear Families, feel free to call us now!

Tel.: 07890 554 759

Tel.: 0203 091 7173


If you need full-time experienced, educated and professional nannies, please give us a ring on 07890 554 759 and one of our Bilingual Consultants will shortly be in touch. 

Educated Nannies will  be delighted to answer any query you may have.











07890 554 759

+ 44.(0) 7890 554 759


0203 091 7173

+ 44 (0) 203 091 7173


What will happen next?

1.    We will send you a form to register your childcare needs. Please, sign &  return it to us by post.   

2.    We will send you our Business Terms. Please,  sign them &  return them to us by post.  

3.    We will carry out a home visit, free of charge, to further discuss your needs. 

4.    We will send you profiles of nannies matching your childcare, educational and lifestyle needs.

5.     We will put you in touch with potential candidates.

6.     You will inform Educated Nannies of the outcome of the interview(s).


Nanny search on your behalf

In order for Educated Nannies to start the nanny search for you, please read, fill in, sign and return the following to us by post:

1/ Business Terms,

2/ Registration Form for Families.


Our postal address: 

 Educated Nannies

Neighbourhood Enterprise Centre - PDT

St Peters House

59 Elgin Avenue

Maida Vale

London, W9 2DB


We can now start the nanny search on your behalf!


Fees are only chargeable if you decide to employ a Nanny introduced by us. For further information, please refer to our Terms of Business.